On April 13, 2016, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal issued two significant statute of limitations decisions concerning mortgage foreclosure proceedings. First, it ended months of speculation by releasing its much anticipated decision in the en banc rehearing of the roundly criticized opinion in Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas v. Beauvais, 40 Fla. L. Weekly…

April 19, 2016 Board Meeting and Luncheon: Judges Carlos Guzman and Laura Stuzin with MBBA Directors Michael Gongora, Annette Cannon, Steve Hertz, Joshua Levy & Manuel Pérez-Leiva

Manuel Pérez-Leiva, Esq., The Hon. Monica Gordo, Michael Gongora, Esq., and Carol Breece, Esq. at the MBBA event at Soho Bay, South Beach in April 2016.

Judicial Reception at Meat Market, 2/17/16: Manuel Pérez-Leiva, Esq., Judge D.J. Cannava, Michael Gongora, Esq., and Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat.

MBBA Directors Karyn Begin, Esq., Michael Gongora, Esq., Manuel Pérez-Leiva, Esq, and Julio Fabre, Chairman of the Miami Beach Latin Chamber of Commerce.

Melissa Dunn, Esq., Manuel Pérez-Leiva, Esq., The Hon. Celeste Muir, Michael Gongora, Esq., and Alexander Perkins, Esq. at the July 2015 MBBA Board Meeting and Luncheon.

Welcome to MPL Law & Mediation’s new website! MPL Law & Mediation, LLC is a Miami-based law firm offering proactive legal support for an array of cases. Whether you’re in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, or another Florida county, whether you need a dedicated and passionate attorney with extensive litigation experience, or an impartial and facilitative mediator…

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